Untitled by me.

You got what u needed then u left me, retreated
You Chucked the duece you peaced it
And my heart now is in pieces
I thought you loved me
I loved you
My heart hurts
I hope yours does too
Cause u moved on in a heartbeat
Don’t tell me that you sorry
Don’t wanna hear no more lies
No more half truths, no more words from you
Your silence explains it all
And my tears continue to fall
I say it is what it is
You take and I give
But now I’m done, hand me the gun.
Bang bang.
I just hope that u miss me a little when I’m gone.


—Guess its all meant to be, for love to cause me…. Misery.

I LOVE this lol #bigkid #djm

I LOVE this lol #bigkid #djm

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